Continuing Professional Development Provider

“At Slingababy we believe that people matter, that confidence matters, that connection matters and above all that love matters.
This is why we believe in the power of carrying. This is why we teach it in a way that empowers both consultants and parents. This is why we know what we offer is made of quality. We crafted it through love.”

Slingababy are providing the continuing professional development program on Friday 12th October.

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It’s A Sling Thing are the UK’s largest online only sling library and consultancy service. They provide expert advice via phone and Skype as well as postal hire across the whole of the UK. They have a range of over 450 carriers available for hire and can help you find the perfect fit!

It’s A Sling Thing will be providing a pop up sling library at the event where you can try out a sling for FREE

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“EcoRoos is dedicated to a more sustainable and natural approach to parenting, born from our own struggles to find sound impartial advice and good ethically sourced and sustainable baby products that are natural and free of nasties.

What are we about? We like natural, we like organic, we like fairtrade and ethical, we love babywearing, we love our babies and we love our planet! And we do care about you! A species in risk of extinction. Welcome to Planet Eco’roos!”

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“Little Possums is a family run business based in the UK. We sell a huge range of comfortable, beautiful and stylish slings and baby carriers from around the world. As well as purchacing our products, you can now hire them and ‘try before you buy’ or take advantage of our payment plan options to spread the cost of your carrier!

At Little Possums we offer expert and independent advice on choosing a baby sling or baby carrier that is exactly right for you and your baby.”

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“Fiddle beads fiddle necklaces were created when my breastfeeding, sling riding daughter was pinching and pulling at me all the time when feeding or being worn, she was so distracted and nosey at the breast and pulling off at every little sound and was quite partial to pulling my hair when being carried. Fiddle beads are the perfect answer to keep her attention at the breast and also keep her hands and fingers occupied when feeding or being worn, and save me from pinching and pulling.”

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Swing and Rock


Sycha Slings


SlingSpot (Saturday 13th only)

Joy and Joe

Jacq and Rose

Apricity Ray Wovens (Saturday 13th Only)

Firespiral Slings (Saturday 13th Only)