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Charity Exhibitors

We have a number of charity spaces available for causes which are close to our hearts and we feel may be of interest to our attendees and other exhibitors. Come along for a chat with them to find out more about what they do and how they can support you or families you know, and […]

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MBCC 2018 Partner

We are delighted to announce that out Partner for this years show is Ergobaby and Tula! As one of the UK’s leading brands for baby carriers, and a Which? best buy manufacturer, we’re sure that as well as being popular with parents, they also have a lot to offer libraries. Look out for their new […]

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On The Day

Entry to the Convention is from 9.45am. When you arrive at the Village Hotel you will be directed to the right of the reception desk, following the corridoor around past the windows over the swimming pool will take you to our space. Our registration desk will have a list of your name and attendee level. […]

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A Gift of a collaboration

In the years we have been running Coventry Slings we have built up a very close knit group of friends and colleagues both locally, and nationally within the family of sling consultants. Not least amongst these wonderful people is Lorette Michallon, founder and teacher at the Slingababy babywearing school, a friend and mentor. Her dedication […]

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Talks And Workshops

MBCC 2018 has a full program of talks and workshops on both days of the Convention. There are two broad themes covering the days – Supporting Parents on Friday, and All About Slings on Saturday.

Talks and Workshops will run from approximately 10.30 am – 5 pm on both days.

We understand that under the revalidation requirements towards fulfilling the Participatory Learning element of CPD for the NMC, you may find that this and other workshops running through the Convention can be used towards revalidation depending on it’s relevance to your scope of practice as a nurse or midwife.  For those who require it, for evidence of ongoing Continual Professional Development, certificates of attendance will be provided.

Friday – Supporting Families

Slingababy CPD Sponsors:

Workshop – Breastfeeding and carrying – Lorette Michallon – Slingababy

In this practical workshop you will learn how combining these two skills can be beneficial. You will be shown how we can safely bring a baby to the breast. You will be given tips to use slings to help establish feeding. This workshop will run Friday as part of the CPD timetable, and on Saturday for parents and carers and is suitable for parents and expecting parents, health professionals and carrying professionals.

Lorette Michallon runs the Slingababy carrying school and has trained over 500 consultants and peer supporters over the last 5 years. She is a mother of two with a deep passion for learning, teaching, education, compassion and self-improvement.  Being French gives her access to different platforms which gives her a unique approach. She prides herself in delivering quality training.


Silver Sponsor Workshop: CalmFamily

CalmFamily’s mission is to educate and support parents so that their families can have more harmonious relationships based on equality, and empathy for each other, optimising children’s development and ultimately helping create more well rounded adults. We want a better future for our children, living in a calmer society and have the tools to inform parents’ choices for calmer, happier families.

Talk – Building Better Brains – Emily Fackrell – CalmFamily

Covering human brain development, how parenting techniques impact this process, how parents can optimise the brain of their child and how all this can be fun.

First and foremost I will always be a mum. My husband and I have four beautiful children, ranging in age from 15 to 2. Everyday I am filled with all the joy and stress that brings, and manage that through a combination of yoga, mindfulness meditation and Taekwondo (kicking stuff is amazing stress relief). Well mainly by having an amazing network of parents.

Parenting is one of the toughest and most rewarding things anyone can do and it certainly hasn’t come easy for me. I am so grateful to have found BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm and for the wonderful journey it has taken me on. Not to mention what the future holds.



Workshop – Katy Chachou – Action on Postpartum Psychosis

Katy is currently working on a project with the charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP) and the West Midlands Perinatal Mental Health Service User Development Forum to deliver training on Postpartum Psychosis in the region. Katy has lived experience of Postpartum Psychosis and the workshop will include a personal account of the illness as well as factual information, where to signpost appropriately and what support APP offers such as brochures, contacts and peer support.

Katy was also listed this year on the  Independent’s Happy List 2018 – people who make life better for others.

Workshop – Carrying with Special Considerations – Leigh Dumighan and Nicole Hastie – Kangaroo Care UK / Vija Design UK

This workshop is being run by Leigh and Nicole, with the support of the staff at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire’s Neonatal Unit with whom Coventry Slings CIC has been working for the last 18 months.  Kangaroo Care UK is a social enterprise which aims to help parents enjoy more skin to skin contact with their babies. They are the UK distributor for Vija Design, a leading creator of Kangaroo Care Wraps and Clothing.

This workshops aims to increase your confidence through discussing ideas, and having a go at hands-on practical suggestions, and other things to think about when working with families whose babies have that bit extra that should be taken into account when carrying safely.

Leigh Dumighan is a Bliss Champion and Parent Expert Speaker who shares the power of Skin to Skin Contact and the need for Family Integrated Care with audiences ranging from Senior Neonatologists to Student Nurses. Her own experiences of skin to skin began with the early arrival of her eldest son, now 10. He was so poorly his mum and dad were told to say their goodbyes, but being cuddled on his mum’s chest helped him fight. Leigh is co-founder of Kangaroo Care UK.

Nicole Hastie is a Sling Consultant trained with School of Babywearing and Slingababy. She has been supporting parents to carrying their babies for almost 10 years and runs Cheltenham and Gloucester Sling Library. Nicole’s career alongside all things sling related is focussed on the inclusion of disabled children and young people in their local communities. Working with disabled parents and the families of disabled children enables her to combine these two interests. Nicole is co-founder of Kangaroo Care UK.

Nicole and Leigh are running their sessions in co-operation with the staff from UHCW NICU – Jo and Abbie.


Workshop – Postnatal Physiology and Physiotherapy – Sundeep Watkins, Physiotherapist at Harborne Physiotherapy

Sundeep is a physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience in treating clients with musculoskeletal conditions in NHS, private healthcare and corporate settings. She has undertaken specialist training related to Women’s & Men’s Health and has worked and trained with specialist pelvic health physiotherapists at Harborne Physiotherapy and Warwick Hospital and now sees clients at clinics in Leamington Spa & Solihull and is trained as a Mummy MOT practitioner. Sundeep is also a senior lecturer at the University of Leicester and Coventry University and has assisted in teaching post-graduate pelvic health courses for physiotherapists starting out in pelvic health.

“I like to look at each client in a holistic way and am ‘hands on’ in the way I assess andtreat. This could include looking at posture, movement and breathing patterns in addition to checking individual joints and muscles.  My ultimate goal is to put you back in control of your health with the right treatment, advice and exercise.”

VIP Bag Sponsors Little Possums

Short Talk: Why Carrying Matter for Fathers  – Bob Betts – Little Possums

Do you want to know more about the benefits to Dad and the whole family when Dad babywears?
Do you support Dads postnatally or support the whole family postnatally?
As a Dad do you carry your child in your arms? Interested in wearing your little one in a sling or carrier but not sure where to start?  Come along and find out more about babywearing and discover the benefits to your child, your partner and yourselves when you are carrying your child. 

“I started babywearing around 8 and a half years ago when my eldest daughter was a few weeks old, from then it has snowballed to where I am now, Dad to 4 children and A Slingababy trained Babywearing consultant running Derby and Nottingham Sling Library and Little Possums online sling retail with my partner.”


Saturday – All About Slings

Workshop: Basic Buckles with Bob (specifically designed for dads, but anyone is welcome to join in)

Do you want to find a buckle carrier that works for you?
New to buckled carriers and want to try one for the first time?
Looking for something new or want to explore the different types of buckled carriers available?
Come and have a play with advice and help from a trained and very experienced babywearing dad. This is a practical hands on workshop allowing you to develop your own skills and confidence with babywearing. I will have a large selection of buckle carriers available to try.
Suitable for new babywearers, experienced wearers and everyone in-between.

“I started babywearing around 8 and a half years ago when my eldest daughter was a few weeks old, from then it has snowballed to where I am now, Dad to 4 children and A Slingababy trained Babywearing consultant running Derby and Nottingham Sling Library and Little Possums online sling retail with my partner. I will be running sessions on Friday looking at Why Carrying matters for fathers and hands on workshops on Saturday looking at the basics of using buckled (Soft Structured) carriers.”


Workshop – Carrying newborns (up to 8-12 weeks) – Dr Rosie Knowles (also with SlingSpot and Building Bonds)

Rosie is a mum of 2, a GP, and a passionate advocate of sling and carrier use and education. She founded one of her local sling meets with some friends in 2012. She runs the Sheffield Sling Surgery, a consultancy and sling library service, and the associated online Sheffield Sling Surgery Virtual Community. She has been trained by several schools registered with the British Association of Babywearing Instructors. She is very experienced and is often asked to speak or demonstrate at shows around the UK.

She trains babywearing peer supporters through the Born to Carry initiative, running courses all around the country. She loves writing, and produces lots of articles about safe and comfortable sling use for several websites and publications.

Her book “Why Babywearing Matters” was published by Pinter and Martin in May 2016. And will be available for purchase at MBCC in both English and Polish.

“I’m a GP in the UK with a particular interest in holistic medicine as well as children and women’s health and medical ethics. I began my career in hospital medicine but switched to general practice because of its flexibility with family life and the opportunities it presents to be more closely involved with communities, from cradle to grave.

I am a strong advocate of sling use, not just for convenience, but also for the great advantages babywearing can provide to the whole family, such as improved bonding, reduced reflux or colic, better muscle development and avoidance of plagiocephaly, for example.

I have two children of my own, who have both been carried happily. My youngest girl still enjoys it from time to time.”

Silver Sponsor Workshops: CalmFamily

CalmFamily’s mission is to educate and support parents so that their families can have more harmonious relationships based on equality, and empathy for each other, optimising children’s development and ultimately helping create more well rounded adults. We want a better future for our children, living in a calmer society and have the tools to inform parents’ choices for calmer, happier families.

Alex Kremer is a Consultant with CalmFamily and along with Emily Fackrell will be running workshops on:

BabyCalm AM: Weaning – introducing solid food (Emily)
BabyCalm PM: Understanding baby sleep (Alex)
ToddlerCalm AM: Understanding toddler behaviour (Alex)
ToddlerCalm PM: Understanding toddler eating (Emily)

You can read more about the CalmFamily workshops here


Taster Session: Parent/Carer and Baby Yoga – Julia – Little Earthlings Yoga

What better way to bond with your baby than through a yoga class? During the hour long session, you can expect; songs and rhymes, stretches for the adult and exercises for the baby.  Baby yoga is so good for the babies development and the breathing techniques and stretches are excellent for the adult’s health too.

Taster Session: Parent/Carer and Toddler Yoga – Julia – Little Earthlings Yoga

This is a beautiful opportunity for you to try out the session, bonding with your little one in a relaxed and friendly environment. In each 45 minute session, we explore a different theme; usually based around a story, playing with props, playing games, singing songs and discovering what our bodies can do!

“I believe that yoga has the capacity for real positive change in all age groups; equipping them with self-esteem, creativity and physical strength and flexibility.
Since having my two children, I have loved experimenting with yoga with them.  Training to be a children and family yoga teacher seemed like a natural progression for me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Rainbow Kids Yoga, Mini Me Yoga and All Geneartions Yoga and Pilates. I am thankful for the opportunity to combine my love of yoga with my love of working with children.”


Workshop – Carrying Multiples – Gillian Ryan

A look at carrying twins from birth to toddler. From front tandeming to front and back tandem and also troubleshooting some common problems. Suitable for both professionals and parents/carers.


Taster Session: Ambers Language, Music, Play – Amber Semple

Come along and sing simple songs in French, accompanied by familiar tunes (and helped along with puppets, bubbles and toys!)


“I am a qualified teacher with a degree in Psychology and an understanding of child development and language acquisition. I have over 20 years’ experience of working with children and young people.  My technique uses sign language (BSL/Makaton) to reinforce language learning, which I developed while working as a French teacher and as a French theatre workshop leader.  I believe learning language should start early and be lots of fun.  My unique Music & Play groups combine French with baby-signing to help parents and their little ones learn a second language together.”




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Welcome! Over the coming weeks we will be announcing all exhibitors and sponsors for the event, and lots of information about how you can attend and be a part of the day For now, please keep an eye on this blog or sign up for the mailing list here for all updates!

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