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We would love to introduce the team behind MBCC, the 4 of us are not the only ones organising by any means and we have some lovely people who have volunteered for the day itself (massive thank you to all).

Behind the conference is the Coventry Slings Team. We are all Babywearing Consultants with completely different pasts, other jobs and families of our own. What brought us all together was our children and all of us have developed a strong love of carrying our children.

Em Taylor is one of the founders of Coventry Slings, she started it as a social  meet in 2013. Wanting to create a library, she completed her training in 2014 and then began fundraising to raise money to stock the library. Since starting Coventry Slings she has taken it through some rough times; but all the while it has grown, adding three new Consultants, new library venues and sessions and becoming a Community Interest Company (C.I.C). Em completed her second consultancy course with JPMBB in 2016.

Em is a mum of two lovely boys aged  3 and  5 who she has carried from birth, and has found no end of usefulness of slings in everyday life. Her husband Paul also loves to carry the boys when they want/need to be.

Em was previously a senior software developer and now sorts most of our technical needs as well as helping other Libraries and Consultants with their websites. She is also one half of the owners of It’s A Sling Thing. So now she is a website designer/troubleshooter, Sling Consultant, Mother and proposer (with us willing to join the fun and challenge) of the first MBCC.


Hayley Standell, is a physiotherapist who currently works within the private sector. Previously she has worked with the NHS and  has worked in various Physiotherapy fields including paediatrics (including musculoskeletal, neonatal and children’s intensive care), women’s health (pelvic pain and pregnancy associated pain) and research.

Hayley became interested in carrying and slings while pregnant with her twins; feeling like she would be needing extra hands to meet two babies needs. Using slings has been invaluable for her parenting journey and still are even now her girls are 5, just less often.

Hayley completed her Slingababy consultancy course in 2015 and JPMBB in Dec 2016. She has used her physiotherapy and sling knowledge combined to plan and run a 2 day CPD session for fellow sling consultants on the dynamics of babywearing which so many of us found not only interesting but really helpful in seeing and feeling how slings can put pressure on the body.

Hayley has been running library sessions, workshops and consults alongside her other job.


El Molloy is  woman of many hats. In addition to her work with Coventry Slings, El is an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and Infant Feeding Peer Support Worker for Coventry Council; running breastfeeding drop ins, hospital and home visits. It was actually through the support groups we all ended up meeting.

El completed her MSc Child Health last year and her academic research interests include parent/infant relationships, perinatal wellbeing, birth trauma and the impact on relationships, wellbeing and feeding outcomes. In her role as an NCT volunteer she runs a perinatal mental wellbeing group and birth choices group.

El has three children aged between eleven and four. She carried her second youngest to walking age and still occasionally carries her 4 year old.

El and I did peer supporter training together in 2015 and she did her Slingababy consultant course in 2016. El now helps people in her latest role in Sling library sessions and consults as well as all the other things she was already doing!


Finally, I am Gillian, a secondary Science Teacher. I became a parent in 2013 to a beautiful little girl and loved babywearing straight away as I love walking over fields etc which wasn’t possible with a pushchair. I loved going to sling meets and offered to help by making tea and introducing people I then became a peer supporter to help and further my own knowledge in 2015. Then less than a year later I trained with Slingababy as a consultant and have since trained with JPMBB.

I have been running sling library sessions, workshops and 1:1 consults as part of the Coventry slings team and have visited a few conferences/exhibitions, so when Em suggested a midlands based conference I was completely on board (if a little, well a lot daunted).

I have one daughter who is 5, and twins – a boy and a girl who will be 18 months at MBCC and were born just a few weeks before the first convention in 2017!


We are very excited about the second big sling event in the Midlands and look forward to meeting the many people who have shown an interest so far and I am sure there will be more beyond that.

Keep a look out for more information about what’s going on behind the scenes, useful links/articles and information about our sponsors and exhibitors.


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If you wish to find out anymore information about sponsoring the event, exhibiting or volunteering please email Mbcc@coventryslings.co.uk