A Gift of a collaboration

In the years we have been running Coventry Slings we have built up a very close knit group of friends and colleagues both locally, and nationally within the family of sling consultants. Not least amongst these wonderful people is Lorette Michallon, founder and teacher at the Slingababy babywearing school, a friend and mentor. Her dedication to promoting empowerment for families extends to her empowering of the Slingababy Hug of consultants, a growing diverse group comprising not just working consultants but many of the leading manufacturers of slings in the UK.

It was through Lorette that I first became aware of Ali Dover and her new line of woven wraps. Ali had been active in the babywearing world for a long time before launching her wraps but they have been taking the scene by storm for the last two years. The simplicity and classic colours of her stripes wraps make them excellent for beginners and long time wrappers alike, and her wraps have wrapping qualities second to none.
In May 2015 Lorette was due to birth her second baby and Ali was preparing to release two new wraps. One was in Slingababy colours and was named Gift by Lorette, a beautiful collection of pinks, blues and purples. It just so happened that my favourite colour is purple and the colours in Gift were the same as the Coventry Slings logo. We quickly amassed a collection locally amongst the consultants and customers here, at one point having five or six of the wrap floating around Coventry! One size four found its way to the library, and was quickly joined by a size seven, a size two and a second size four! It became the unofficial library teaching wrap. The size seven has carried both my babies, one at a time and both together, and a whole host of other babies through the library. It’s a wrap very close to our hearts.
So with MBCC approaching fast we had an idea about approaching Ali for a release that could reflect what we wanted for the show. A wrap suitable for all, reflecting the connections we have made through something as simple as a piece of cloth to carry our children. It celebrates the Gift that our teacher Lorette has given us, and hopefully the Gifts we can provide other parents by helping find carrying solutions that suit them.

Gift 2 is a reweave of Gift, the colours similar but subtly different. It will be all cotton, suitable for all ages of child and all abilities of wrapper.

Gift 2 will be available as a very limited preorder to ticket holders for MBCC 2017, full details of how to order will be sent out to ticket holders in the coming days. If you’d like to be in with a chance to get one, buy your ticket now!

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